Enjoyed catching up on your lives. You did a great job and was very thorough on carpet that has seen better days. We'll be glad to recommend you.

Bob & Phyllis Branson
Des Moines
As always Russ does a great job!

Lea Sterman
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Carpet Repair

Has your carpet developed ripples or wrinkles over time? This can be caused by a variety of things: defective carpet, improper installation, heavy foot traffic, improper pad, or a combination of these things. In most cases these ripples can be stretched out of the carpet so it looks as good as the day it was installed. Call Craftsmen today to give you an assessment of what might be causing the problem and how we can help you correct it.

Seam Repair
Do you have a seam that is coming apart? Do you have carpet that is pulling away from a transition? We can help. Using the most advanced seaming process on the market we can improve the appearance and make a strong seam to extend the life of your carpet and help you avoid costly replacement.

Burns, Tears, Pulled Rows
Do you have burns from fireplaces or cigarettes, tears from the family pet, or pulled rows, or thread in your Berber. We have a variety of repair techniques to improve the appearance and make a long lasting secure repair on these areas. Call us today to see how we can help you avoid replacement, and improve the appearance of your home.

Spot Dyeing/Color Repair
Not all spots on carpet are stains. Some household items such as bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication (benzoyl peroxide), perfumes and even some spot removers can actually remove the color from carpet. When these discolorations occur, we can come to your home and perform a spot dye or color repair. The discolorations are neutralized so no further bleaching can occur.  A liquid dye solution is then custom mixed to match your carpet’s color and applied to the affected area. This acid dye is designed to replicate the dyeing process used at the factory to produce a stable, inconspicuous color repair guaranteed for three years.

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